Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We spent five days in Salt Lake City during Joe's birthday so I could run in the Ragnar with Ben, Wayne, Catherine, and Paige. The Ragnar was awesome and will be even awesomer next year when we get an entire team with family members. It's on my birthday next year, so that's all I'm asking of John: to run in the Ragnar with me. Anyway, they worked hard on the house while we were gone, so there are more pictures to post, and these are fun ones. Take a look!
 This is the beginning of the exterior courtyard. Actually, i have to go up and take more pics today because it's progressed further than that by now.
 Front door...not done.
 Bathroom tub surround.
Versaille pattern travertine. Because I speak French. ;)


Grizzgal said...

I'm pretty sure it is a requirement to be able to speak french before you can say "Versaille pattern travertine"

joy sordar said...

That pool sure does look cloudy! Call the pool boy.
travertine versaille pattern