Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cabinets (and the front of the house)

The cabinet maker (carpenter, I suppose) has been hard at work installing the cabinets this weekend.  I was most impressed when I was at the house on Saturday, working on my mosaic, and I heard him knocking on the walls to find the studs rather than using a studfinder.  John always tells me this is possible, but I've never seen somebody do it before.  Once he put the cabinets up, however, I was much more impressed with his carpentry than his stud finding abilities.  Of course, I have no need for that, having found my own stud ten years ago.  (Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  Not like he reads this blog anyway. :)

Here are pictures of the kitchen cabinets and the vanity from the master bath, as well as the view of the front of the house with more of the exterior courtyard completed and the final stucco color. The photos really don't do justice to the subject matter. Or maybe it's just the photographer!

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i said...

a REAL house! :) isn't it wonderful when the cabinets are put in and it feels sooo much closer!? how exciting for you. i just love the details!