Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kids' Fashions

There was a little girl at church today wearing red and gray striped tights, a red and blue striped shirt, and a red dress over the top. It got me thinking about how many fashion tips I have gleaned from my kids. (I've never been that hip.). So here is my list of Everything You Need to Know About Fashion You Can Learn From Your Kids:

1. Stripes match stripes.
2. Princesses match princesses.
3. When layering, always put the shirt you like best on the top, no matter what.
4. As long as you change your pajamas nightly, you only need to change your underwear weekly.
5. The shirt you really want to wear is always clean enough.
6. Flip flops are the universal donor of footwear (they match with everything).
7. All clothes must have the same predominant colors to truly match.
8. Size is relative, as long as the shirt doesn't pull your ears off when your mom yanks it over your head.
9. Don't get stuck in the accessory paradigm (who says a belt can't be a necklace?).
10. Dress-up clothes are appropriate for all occasions. So are blankets.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shaunna has been away in UT and CO checking out a couple of practice opportunities we found. As such, I've been in-charge of the home-front. Here's my report:

Day One: Woke up early to get the kids dressed and ready for school. I forgot that girls have hair and realized I've never brushed it. Found a bottle of detangler (cool stuff!) and a water bottle (Neat!). I gave my 5 yr-old Priya the brush and let her do her thing. My 3 yr-old Auralee told me I had to do it. I sprayed a couple of each in her hair and proceded to bush. As soon as I started spraying she told me I was doing it wrong. How many ways are there to spray a bottle? Finally after a few brush strokes she couldn't take it anymore. "NO, NO, NO, Papa! You're doing it wrong! Papas do EVERYTHING wrong and Mamas do everything right!" she yelled. Smiling I put a head-band on her and dropped her off at the babysitters. :) Shwew!

Day Two: [house a total wreck] How Mamas manage to cook, clean, brush hair, pack lunches, and cloth children is beyond me. I'm in all-out defense mode and still failing. Luckily they're all still alive!

As Auralee was waking from her slumber I whispered, "Hey sweet-pea, maybe Papa will do a better job on your hair today." Still sleepy-eyed she responded, "You have to learn how to do it the right way. Mama has to teach you. You have to wach her do it and say, 'Oh that's, how you do it.'"