Saturday, May 8, 2010

Funny stories from each of the kids

We went to a Latin Festival at the church last night. Joe was talking with Jodi Hawthorne, the YW president with whom I serve.

Joe: I have a stuffy nose, which is good news and bad news.
Jodi: Really? How come?
Joe: It's good news because when Priya farts on my face, I can't smell it.
Jodi: Oh...
Joe: But it's bad news because I have to blow my nose ALL the time.

And here's Priya in a conversation with her grandma a couple of days ago.

Priya: Wahhh!
Grandma: I'm afraid you can't go because you're crying.
Priya: (stops crying) But I'm not crying anymore.
Grandma: But you were.
Priya: Grandma, that was my fake cry.
(I knew it!)

And finally, Auralee talking to me when I got her dressed the other day.

Auralee: Is this a new skirt?
Me: It's new to you, I guess.
Auralee: Did you buy me a new skirt?
Me: Yep. Let's put it on.
Auralee: I can put on my new skirt and shake my bootie.
Me: Um...I guess so.

Not sure what wearing a new skirt has to do with shaking your bootie, but apparently, it's essential.