Friday, June 5, 2009

2009 Caribbean Cruise

We just got back from our second cruise on Royal Caribbean's Monarch of the Seas. It was a four night cruise that stopped in CocoCay and Nassau. The weather was unbelievable. We went snorkeling on CocoCay and had a blast. Of course, cruising is the only way to vacation (we think). Here are a few pictures to remind us that we are, at times, sane adults and not crazy, flustered parents.
This is us after snorkeling. Too bad we don't have pictures of us in our sweet snorkeling gear. If you look close, however, you can still see the mask lines on Shaunna's face. Also, you can't see it, but she did get stung by a jellyfish on the side of her neck. She can affirm what they say about vinegar easing the sting. Unfortunately (or fortunately) she did not test any other remedies.
Here we are for the formal night. (Thanks for the dress, Chellene!)

And here's another self-portrait taken the last night. We were looking for some salsa, but we were not blessed with latin dancing every night like the last cruise we took.
We did, however, do some karaoke instead. This is John and Luke, one of the guests from our dining room table, hamming it up to "Get Down Tonight." John wanted to sing "Sexual Healing" as well, but he did not get the chance. Too bad.
This is our entire dining table (#466). It was the best table ever! Not only did we have a great time eating dinner together every night, but we actually formed a group (called Prohibition, since we are Mormon and the other couples are Seventh Day Adventist) that won the trivia game where we all got Royal Caribbean highlighters and keychains.
Here's John trying to fish with conch slop on Nassau. In spite of such delicious (!) bait, the fish were just not interested. Look how blue the water is, though.
And in a totally unrelated incident, look how cute Priya and--who was that masked baby?--are dressing up the other day. Auralee thought the mask was so becoming, she insisted on wearing it around the house all morning and was happy to allow me to snap these pictures.