Saturday, December 3, 2011

Joe's Observation

I took Joe and Priya south to Monticello this afternoon for a grandparents' weekend. Can I just say how awesome those are and how I don't think I'll ever get over my gratitude to John's mom and Lew for suggesting them? Anyway, it had been kind of stormy all day, with several inches of snow falling on Grandma and Grandpa's property. The sky was mostly cloudy, but to our right, on the edge of the horizon, shafts of sunlight were peeking through the clouds. You know how that looks, don't you?

Well, Joe pointed it out to me, and then he said, "That always reminds me of what it looks like when Jesus comes."

I said, "Joe, I have always thought the same thing!"

This is significant because, while my mom had the well-known LDS picture of The Second Coming displayed in our house growing up, John and I have the picture of Christ in the red robe. I'm sure Joe has seen the other picture before, but not as often. Anyway, we talked about it for a little bit, about how it made us feel, and then Joe said, "It just looks like something special is happening there."

The boy is a poet. I'm so pleased. :)

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Bethany said...

What a sweet boy. Moments like these we realize we might just be doing something right.
Enjoyed your grateful post as well.
Miss you guys!