Monday, July 16, 2012

D-day approaches...last in-progress post

We're scheduled to have the appraiser in on Wednesday, which means we can start moving in after that.  So the next pictures I post will be pictures of our home, completed, with furniture.  But there's a lot of work between now and then, so I'll just leave you with these last few pictures.

The travertine looks smashing once it's sealed, n'est pas?

This is the oven hood. Ta da!

Here is a sample of the stain on the concrete downstairs. Kind of groovy.

And this is what my mosaic looks like now that it's grouted and sealed. Makes a huge difference, right?

Okay, what really happened is that it is more difficult than you might think to get that many teeny tiles flat and even in the mud. I tried my best, but it was my first time. No matter how much they grouted and smoothed, it just didn't look professional. So Jared chipped it out and put that medallion in instead. It looks great, and I am not the least bit sorry. It was a fun experiment, and I might decide to do something like that again someday, but right now, I'm just glad that his mosaic looks as good as the rest of the house.


B. Surfer said...

I'm Sooooo Excited for you!!! Moving in will be fun since you have all that space to put stuff. Eee!!! (happy squeal!)

Bethany said...

Looking awesome!
Hoping we get a closer view, around July 28 or 29. . .

cambersue said...

Oh my....I am green with envy! It looks absolutely amazing. What a dream. Food will definitely taste better in THAT kitchen!